Data files

  1. All EN-TEx raw data can be found on a dedicated page on the ENCODE site.
  2. Personal genomes can also be downloaded from a this page.
  3. All the ancillary files including annotations for EN-TEx are listed here.

Interactive visualization tools

  1. The EN-TEx annotations can be viewed on the genome with the ENCODE SCREEN Viewer (Example for a specific cCRE).
  2. We provide a Chromosome Painter tool to visualize the EN-TEx data on chromosome level (see Demo).
  3. We also provide a Explorer Tool to explore the EN-TEx data (see Demo).

Source code

Several GitHub repositories have been created for the source code of the tools and models developed for EN-TEx

including the Chromosome Painter, Explorer Tool, AlleleSeq2 pipeline and the transferQTL model. (Another github also has transformer-model code associated with application #3.)


Rozowsky, J., Gao, J., Borsari, B., Yang, Y. T., Galeev, T., G├╝rsoy, G., ... & Gerstein, M. (2023). The EN-TEx resource of multi-tissue personal epigenomes & variant-impact models. Cell, 186(7), 1493-1511.


Extra files that are related to EN-TEx but not included in the paper.